Daily Dazzle

The Daily Dazzle

The Daily Dazzle is a five to fifteen minute daily exercise program available in five levels. It is designed to enhance students’ standardized test performance, build confidence, and review and reinforce 17+ critical language arts skills. This program is fun and interesting for students, and easy to administer and assess.

Note: The homeschool and teacher editions are now one and the same. Teachers may choose the transparency edition.


“Before the Daily Dazzle, language arts was arduous and unretainable for my eleven year old son… not anymore! The Daily Dazzle steady, predictable, and highly comprehensible structure has moved my son’s knowledge for language skills tremendously. He is an avid user of the dictionary and thesaurus… He is moving towards independence, confidence, and a love of writing.”
Bettina Mileur, Home School Parent

Daily Dazzle features include:

  • Student Directed
  • 32 weeks of language arts skills review lessons
  • 32 weeks of student worksheets with each book and the option of ordering transparencies if using an overhead
  • Coordinated reproducible Tool Box with rules of grammar, punctuation, & capitalization
  • Quick access weekly answer pages
  • Three ring binder
“Love the Daily Dazzle materials!! I have used them for years now and there is nothing better for language arts… I will not teach without them!!!
Jackie Knupp Johnson, Alaska State Teacher of the Year, 2010

You can now download all of the Daily Dazzle books as well as individual weekly Daily Dazzle lessons on Teachers Pay Teachers.
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All of the Daily Dazzle products are available for download on Currclick!
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