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“Lots of different graphic organizers are provided with the lessons so each lesson seems unique. These visual tools make the writing process easier for visual students who need extra help to develop their creativity, but they also provide interest and variety for everyone.”
–Cathy Duffy, author of 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum

Parents— use this creative writing program to encourage student-directed learning. This program turns children on to writing by using age appropriate prompts that tap into their bank of knowledge, then guides them through the complete writing process from pre-writing to turning in their self-edited and self assessed final paper. The stories children are asked to write in this program are specifically designed to stimulate creative thinking and make writing as much fun and free of stress as possible for the students and parents.

Teachers— use these student directed learning materials to challenge all of your students to be independent learners. Advanced writers and the struggling/burgeoning writers will learn to master composition skills on an individual level, while challenging all to be self-directed as they strive to become responsible learners and accomplished writers.
Creative Writing Homeschool Curriculum Book

  • Student Directed
  • Grade Levels 4th – 8th
  • 32 weeks of creative writing lessons
  • An idea organizer with each lesson
  • A paragraph breakdown for each lesson
  • An art component in each lesson
  • A scoring guide that incorporates the six writing traits
  • Complete instructions on how to teach the lesson
  • Helpful hints on how to effectively teach writing

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