Teaching Writing

The Book on How to Really Teach Writing

by Judith Darling

The Book on How to Really Teach Writing


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The Book On How To Really Teach Writing is designed to make teaching writing less stressful for instructors, be they teachers or home school parents, and more productive for students. The book:

  • Is a straightforward and candid assessment on why writing is so difficult to teach and learn, and provides viable solutions to the writing dilemma facing teachers, parents, and students
  • Includes rubrics scoring guides and lessons for creative writing
  • Has rubrics, scoring guides and lessons for expository writing including the process for writing a research paper, from brainstorming for ideas to writing a works cited page
  • Actually has a section on poetry writing that provides sample poems, lessons, pattern poems and an evaluative scoring guide
  • Has an integrated reading/writing lesson that boosts reading comprehension
  • Includes many student appropriate story starters that tap into the student’s bank of knowledge
  • Discusses how to turn students into motivated, self directed and responsible learners
  • Is easy to read and use

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“This book has transformed the way I teach writing and has drastically reduced the number of hours I spend at home correcting papers.”

– 18 year veteran 6th grade language arts teacher

Many of the lessons on how to teach writing from this book can be purchased on TpT as individual lessons.
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