Language Arts Curriculum

About the Program

The Book on How to Really Teach Writing

The Book On How To Really Teach Writing is a straightforward and candid assessment on why writing is so difficult to teach and learn. It provides valuable solutions to the writing dilemmas facing teachers and parents for grading, editing, and motivating students to write. It includes lessons, rubrics, story starters, and guidelines on setting up a student directed program for language arts and or all subjects, and presents an entire poetry unit. The book will guide you on how to develop independent and self-motivated learners.
The Book on How To Really Teach Writing

Expository Writing Curriculum Book

Expository Writing enables students to write informative, explanatory, and descriptive writing including a research paper. All of the lessons guide the student through the writing process. This is especially true of the research paper because it leads the student through the process from brainstorming topics to taking notes, documenting sources, writing the introduction, body, and conclusion, and presentation of the final project. A scoring guide accompanies each lesson designed specifically to address the skills taught in each lesson. Because the lessons are all student directed they feel empowered and become much more successful at writing.
Expository Writing

Creative Writing Homeschool Curriculum Book

Creative Writing is an effective, fun, and interesting one year writing program that has been used with students from 8 to 16. With this program students learn to brainstorm ideas, break their writing into paragraphs, edit and publish. They use a scoring guide to incorporate the six writing traits, format their papers, and as a reference for completing a quality piece of writing. An art component is included with each of the thirty-two lessons.
Creative Writing

Daily Dazzle Bell Exercises for Language Arts

The Daily Dazzle is a five to fifteen minute bell exercise program available in five levels. It is designed to enhance students’ standardized test performance, build confidence, and review and reinforce 14+ critical language arts skills. This program is easy to administer and assess.

Skills addressed in the Daily Dazzle include: singular/plural, possessives, prefixes/suffixes/root, proofreading/editing, fact/opinion, commonly misused words, subject/predicate, antonyms/synonyms, simple/compound sentence, use of nouns/pronouns/adjectives/verbs/adverbs/conjunctions/prepositions, alphabetizing, capitalization/punctuation, creative writing, analogies, spelling and expanded vocabulary. Also addressed are literary devices including metaphor, simile, onomatopoeia, personification, hyperbole and alliteration.

Included in this program:

  • 32 weeks of student worksheets with each book and the option of ordering transparencies if using an overhead
  • 32 weeks of language arts skills review lessons
  • Coordinated reproducible Tool Box with rules of grammar, punctuation, & capitalization
  • Quick access weekly answer pages
  • Three ring binder

Daily Dazzle