These interactive writing lessons guide students through their writing assignments by providing them with rubrics and instructions so they can have a fun, challenging, and successful writing experience.  These lessons go one step further and allow the students to grade their own writing lessons before turning them into their teacher.  They are all Common Core aligned if required, but disregard the alignment if your school does not.  Click on them and take a look.

WEEKLY INTERACTIVE-WRITING-Journal-Cover01_04_largeInteractive Writing Notebook

How I Started Out The Year As A Middle School Teacher

Teaching middle school students can be tricky and I found out that getting off on the right foot the first day of school was paramount!  I discovered early on that if the students knew I was in charge from the first moment they walked into my class I was going to have a great year.  Here is how I started out the year in each of my middle school classes.

I found in teaching language arts that students worked better if they had their own desks rather than tables.  That is just a preference of mine, I know many successful teachers that love using table and groups. 

First, I made a seating chart for each class using the following criteria:

  1. I took the alphabetized class list and re-alphabetized it so it was boy, girl, boy, girl
  2. I made sure no ethnic names were together

Then when the students entered my class for the first time I had the students stand around the back of the room and I asked them to sit down one by one according to my new seating chart.

Next, I explained that this was where they would be sitting throughout the year. I also made it clear I was not inclined to move students around unless I decided it was necessary, so to please not ask if they could change seats.

Finally, I know this sounds harsh, but I would wait for one student to mess up and I would quickly call that student out.  I would explain that that kind of behavior was not tolerated in my class, that I did not my degree in babysitting, and I did not expect to spend any of my time disciplining students that did not know how to behave.  Then I would end by lightening it up and saying, “You now know that you do not want to open a can of Darling!” The students would laugh, but they  knew where I stood on discipline and what my classroom behavioral expectations were.

I’m not saying it would work for everyone, all I’m saying is that it worked very successfully for me and I’m sharing in case anyone needs a new way to start out their year.



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As a former 30-year language arts teacher, I know that it is very difficult to ask students to write an essay or paper over the summer holiday, but here are 27 fun lessons that can be purchased individually.  They include the prewriting, paragraphing, and grading rubrics so students can do the lessons all by themselves, including grading their own papers.  Best of all they are all fun!  Click here, or below on DAZZLE, go to my store, and pick out the topics that you and your students would like and then LET THEM WRITE!


Dazzle “The Language Arts Wonder Dog” With Summer Learning Hints For Language Arts

Yes, Dazzle knows just what is needed to keep sharp students over the summer and not spend hours doing it.  

Dazzle Summer

If you want your students and children to retain all of the language arts skills they learned over the school year so they will be ready to start back to school on level, then check out the DAILY DAZZLE books for grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8.  All they need to do is spend ten to fifteen minutes a day working on their Daily Dazzle lesson, which they will have fun doing, and they will retain what they learned over the previous school year.

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Students learn and review over 17 ELA skills such as the examples here for Daily Dazzle C – 6th grade:

Singular and plural rules
Prefixes, suffixes, and root words
Fact and opinion
Commonly misused words
Subject and predicate
Antonyms and synonyms
Simple or compound sentences
Use of nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, conjunctions,
Comparative and superlative
Irregular verbs
Creative writing
Literary devices



Dazzle Here, Chasing The Winter Blues Away

Has the long winter brought on the blues?  Now that spring is officially here, Dazzle has a surefire way to chase the blues away and bring some good old fun back to your classroom.  It’s called Speed Writing and students love it.  Dazzle is offering it FREE to anyone that wants to get their students creative juices flowing and increase fluency at the same time.  

Feeling Blue











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Speed Writing Lesson

Dazzle was brought to me by RZ Alexander the clip art master.  See ALL of RZ’s wonderful clip art here.