TEACHING WRITING – Why use a grading rubric?

Teaching writing is subjective!  So much so that almost every teacher grades essays and students writing different from anyone else, and how they do it can vary from assignment to assignment. What is needed is a scoring rubric that is student and teacher friendly and evens the playing field for all students.  It needs to be shown to the students before any writing is done, so the students know exactly what the expectations are and how they will be evaluated.  Students should also edit and grade their own assignments before turning them in for teacher evaluation.  This allows the student to actually choose the grade they which to make on any given writing assignment.  The rubric should allow students to be held accountable, but not be so stringent that it overwhelms them.

I have said many times and will say it many more.  The only way children learn to write is by writing all the time.  The more they write the better they become.  Taking the stress off of writing by providing a usable scoring rubric, allows students to succeed and feel empowered.  Their success and empowerment translates into the desire to write more.

An added bonus is that it significantly cuts down on grading time for the teacher. 

My writing curriculum does just that.  It makes teaching writing stress free and joyful for students and teachers.  If you are interested in making your teaching life easier, drop by my TpT store and take a look.  All of my products are student directed, and I offer free lessons so you can see if they will work for you.

The picture is of my granddaughters doing their writing homework.  They LOVE it that their grandmother writes fun and interesting writing and language arts lessons that they can grade themselves.


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