Back Into Action!!

 I know it has been a very long time since I have added anything to my blog.  It has been very remiss of me, but I have also been extremely busy finishing a new interactive writing book for grades 6 – 8.  It is finally edited and put up on Teachers pay Teachers, where it can be digitally downloaded.

The new book is called Interactive Writing Notebook Grades 6 – 8.  It is Common Core Aligned and student directed.  Students grade all of the lessons for each unit themselves.  The also edit and grade, using appropriate provided scoring rubrics, each of their final essays.  The Notebook includes the following units:

1.  A Narrative Essay Unit

2.  An Informative Explanatory, Compare/Contrast Essay Unit

3.  An Informative Explanatory, Cause/Effect Essay Unit

4.  An Argumentative Essay Unit

5.  A Poetry Unit

These units are to be used along with the current curriculum being taught, so the topics can be changed and used more than once throughout the year.  They may also be used from year to year.

These units may also be used for advance upper elementary students or for students in high school who need more practice writing.

Please follow the links and take a look at this great new writing product for middle school students.

Thank you and have a great beginning of summer day.




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