I have to say that there is no rest for the semi-retired!  I do not have to look for things to keep me busy, which can be a blessing and a curse.

I got my first paper check from TpT and couldn’t be happier.  I started with TpT in late December, right before Christmas, and was successful right away.

Thankfully my grandchildren are now well after all their spring fevers, colds and coughs, and so far I haven’t come down with anything.  I am knocking on wood on that one.

The big thing right now is my husband.  He is having total knee replacement next week, so we have been running around getting ready.  I know life will be better for both of us once he has it done.  We will be mobile again, and that will be awesome!

I am not usually a chatty kind of gal when it comes to blogging, but I have been told I need to step it up and add something about myself, so I am.   I have thirty years of very successful teaching that I could share with anyone who is interested and has a question.  I keep my finger on the pulse, so to speak, because I have a daughter that teaches fifth grade science and math, and she keeps me in the loop.  She also has two boys that I love to help with their homework.  I also have two home schooled, ice skating granddaughters that use all of my writing/language arts materials, and are very successful students.  Then I have two granddaughters living in Brooklyn that use my materials during the summer, so they retain what they learned the previous year and don’t lose it over the summer.  They all keep me abreast of any and all things going on in education that I need to know.  Plus I am an avid reader, and I also have many teacher friends that love to keep me informed as to what is going on in their educational lives.

I don’t mind just talking, but would really love for fans and followers to respond and chat with me.  I have a lot of teaching information that I would be willing to share, and I will be posting much of it in the future.

Since it is Friday, have a great weekend!

Happy Writing!


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