Vacation over, now back to work!!

WOW! First time in Chicago and I loved it. That place has it going on for sure. We had a lovely Easter dinner, took in the Art Institute, the Aquarium, Hancock Tower, saw the preview of Big Fish and ate at some great restaurants. We also met lots of really nice people. I definitely want to visit Chicago again!

Now it’s back to work for me.  I have tons of emails and some questions to answer.  One of which was, will we be putting our Daily Dazzle products on TpT in book form?  They will start going up either today or tomorrow.  I have to get them ready, then I will post.  That means you will be able to buy the entire 32 weeks of lessons in one fell swoop, rather than buying them in bundles of 4 lessons.  It will be an easier download, and the price per page is exactly the same.  You will still have to buy the Tool Box separately.

I will receive my first paper check from TpT which is very exciting.  I have only been on TpT since the end of December, so I am very happy to be on the paper check list.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, and are now finishing up standardized testing. Hopefully then, you will have an easy slide toward summer vacation.  I always loved the spring months, after testing, because everyone was more relaxed, and I could bring out some really fun lessons that applied everything my students had learned.  It was fun to compare the progress they had made over the year, from the first writing lessons they completed to the great work they were doing towards the end.

I’ll be talking with you soon, and happy writing.



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