Finally! I get it!

I am happy to say that this morning was a huge break through for me!  My blog was approved, and today I finally learned how to connect my blog to my TpT store.

If there weren’t gray hairs there before, there sure are now.  It took me forever to figure it out, and I am still a novice on the linking stuff.  Funny how you can write books and lessons, but still don’t feel as proficient on the computer as you would like.  I am just happy other people take the time to show somewhat challenged people like me, how to do things.

Anyway, I did a little old lady happy dance when I got the blog connected, and now I am hoping hordes rush to see what fabulous bits of wisdom and teaching expertise I dish up.

So if you are visiting me for the first time, and I’m sure you are because I just hooked up, then WELCOME.  I am excited you dropped by, and I hope we can visit from time to time.  Please scroll down and see some of the great writing and teaching ideas that I have posted in the past.

I am in the process of changing the look, texture, color and general feeling of my blog, and hope to have it up and running sometime in the next week or two.

Happy Friday everyone.  Have a great weekend, and happy writing!



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