Common Core Scoring Guide

I just added the first Common Core aligned product to my TpT store.  It is under Common Core Aligned Expository Writing.

This 6th grade narrative essay is Common Core aligned. It is student and teacher evaluated, and includes the following narrative essay requirements to be graded:

1. Introduction – hook and conflict
2. Body – holds interest, rising action, falling action
3. Resolution – wraps up by following experiences and events
4. Narrator and or protagonist/antagonist with character traits
5. Use of dialogue where appropriate and pacing and description to develop experiences and events
6. Vocabulary – uses transition words, phrases, and clauses to convey sequence and time frame and use of descriptive details to describe experiences and events
7. Editing – using the writing process to include planning, drafting, revising, peer editing, and rewriting as required by teacher

The scoring rubric should be presented to the students at the beginning of the lesson so students know what the expectations are, and that it will be self graded before they turn it in to the teacher for the final evaluation.

The scoring rubric takes the subjectivity out of grading, and makes it even for all of the students. Students are able to decide the grade they would like to make on their paper.

Included in the lesson:
1. The lesson plan including the objectives, parts of the narrative essay, and the steps for writing a narrative essay
2. The idea organizer
3. The paragraph organizer that guides the students through each paragraph with examples
4. The student directed scoring guide

I’m working on adding more Common Core aligned writing products to my store, so be on the lookout.

Happy Writing!



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