Writing Activity: A Holiday Tradition or Memory

I wanted to share with you one my favorite holiday writing assignments.  It is one that can take a couple of weeks to complete, and best of all, can be used as a gift for someone special.


  1. Brainstorm some favorite family holiday traditions or memories.Examples:  Christmas morning ritual, decorating the tree, making cookies, something that happened at Christmas dinner, favorite grandparent moment, a special gift, how the family celebrates Christmas Eve, etc.
  2. Pick a favorite one and discuss how to lay the story out with an interesting introduction that will hook the reader, a good descriptive body of the story that lets the reader feel, see, and relate to the story, and a conclusion that wraps up the story and gives a good ending.
  3. Write rough draft of story.
  4. Peer or self edit the story using a critical eye in looking for good sentence structure, interesting story and correct mechanics including punctuation, grammar, parts of speech, and spelling.
  5. Write the second draft (I suggest this with older students, it may be too much for younger writers).
  6. Peer or self edit the second draft.
  7. Write the final paper.
  8. Illustrate the story with a picture or pictures of the tradition or memory.
  9. Mount or bind the story and illustrations so it can displayed or given as a treasured gift.

Remember… Happy Writing!


2 thoughts on “Writing Activity: A Holiday Tradition or Memory

  1. Thanks for the great idea!! My kids are very into preparing for Christmas. I think that would really inspire them. I wanted to share with you a site that we are using for creative online writing. My kids really enjoy it. The site is called Cubert’s Cube.

  2. Thank you for the great feedback! I am so happy to hear that your children enjoyed the assignment, and I will take a look at Cubert’s Cube. Sincerely, Judith

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