New Book: How to Teach Writing

The new book I have been working on is almost finished. It is taking a bit longer because I decided to add a poetry section. It is a genre that children love once they get into it, and is a nice addition. The book discusses the real reasons children hate writing, and why teachers do not like to teach writing. It addresses ways to make teaching writing much easier for parents and teachers, and it provides ideas to make writing fun and challenging for children. We are hoping to get it to the printers soon and have it available by fall.

A fellow teacher and dear friend came for a visit, and read the book in its entirety. She remarked that the book is so needed because it really addresses the problem of teaching writing for everyone involved. She agreed that the poetry unit would be a great addition, and helped me gather materials and write it. It is certainly nice to have a fellow master teacher give feedback and lend a hand.

2 thoughts on “New Book: How to Teach Writing

  1. I agree with your friend, this type of book is greatly needed in today’s educational society. I’m one of the few kids who grew up and still enjoys writing (I’m a college student now), most of my friends despised/despise writing assignments or creative writing more than any other academic endeavor. My dad, however, made writing fun at home with a writing course he developed on how to teach children to write, and it’s helped other children too. I’m sure your book is full of similar principles.

    I’m interested in the book you’ve written, to see what it has to offer, and I realize this blog was written a couple years ago…but I can’t seem to find information on the book, since I assume it’s now been published. I’m a deep lover of poetry. Thanks!

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