Writing Workshop Follow-up

I have been remiss in keeping up with my blog because of traveling throughout April and May.  I did, however, visit with the many home school parents that came to my workshops and stopped by my booth at the conferences I attended in Cincinnati, Alaska, and Texas.   The main topic of our discussions was the application of writing and language arts into their children’s curriculum in a meaningful and enjoyable way.  I kept hearing “My child hates to write, so what do I to motivate him or her?”  We all know how difficult language arts and writing are to teach, and what works for some  may not work for others, so  I hope that the answers I provided at the conferences have helped.   If you have questions about teaching and motivating your reluctant writer,  leave a comment here.

2 thoughts on “Writing Workshop Follow-up

  1. Hi,
    Language Arts and Application of Writing are two different but, significantly important areas of learning and personal grooming of a child. I would suggest you to include your answers here in your blog.

  2. You are totally correct in your suggestion, so I will step up and give some answers in the blog. Thank you for nudging me to get started. The application of language arts and writing into the curriculum can start by introducing a daily practice that includes the basic parts of speech, grammar, punctuation, spelling, creative writing, and more. Any product that does this is good. I do have the Daily Dazzle that does exactly that in a fun and challenging way, but any program that gives students daily practice will step up their comprehensive by its repetitiveness, and repetition is the key.

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