Writing Environment Is Important

Students will respond more positively to writing if the atmosphere/surroundings/environment is conducive to writing.  How can you set up an area that makes the young writer feel like thinking and writing?

  • Have quiet music playing that goes along with the theme of the writing assignment.  Use music with a faster beat for exciting adventure stories.  Use soft classical if the story is poignant or sad.  Funny stories work well with upbeat fun songs such as “Yellow Submarine”.
  • Make sure there is plenty of lighting and have as much natural light as possible.
  • Have a comfortable area for thinking.  The student should be able to pre-write in this space.  A bean bag or soft cushion by a window or the fireplace in the winter and even outside when it is warm enough.
  • Once the pre-writing is completed the student either sits at a computer, desk, or table to do the actual writing.  Make sure they have all the materials needed for the job.  Paper, pencils, pens, eraser, markers, crayons, etc.
  • If there are several students or a classroom, encourage quiet discussion and peer editing.  Feedback is a very good thing.
  • Young brains need nourishment and a healthy snack, readily available, keeps the neurons snapping.

The more comfortable, inviting, and conducive to writing the environment is, the more successful the young writer will be.

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