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“All Razzle Dazzle Learning Company materials are designed to help students learn and work independently to a greater degree than most composition skills resources.”
— Cathy Duffy, author of 100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum.
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“Love the Daily Dazzle materials! I have used them for years now and there is nothing better for language arts. This year I purchased the writing materials, Creative Writing, Expository Writing, and The Book on How to Really Teach Writing and they are just as amazing. I will not teach without them!”
— Jackie Knupp Johnson, Alaska State Teacher of the Year, 2010

Independent Learning in Language Arts

Razzle Dazzle Learning Co. materials make teaching language arts and writing as productive, interesting, and stress free as possible.

All of the materials are student directed so children learn to be independent learners. When students are independent learners the teachers/parents have more time to focus on facilitating, rather than on teaching language arts and writing. Students feel empowered and become more successful, while the parent/instructor becomes a guide, coach and cheerleader.

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Happy Halloween and Thank You!



I just want to wish everyone a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN, and to say thank you to TpT and everyone that stopped by my store during my milestone sale. 

If you need great writing and language arts lesson that are student directed, interactive, and just fun to teach, look no further.   Plus all of the writing lessons are student graded, so the teacher workload is greatly reduced. Just click here or click on the picture, and you will go directly to my store.

Here is a picture of my lovely daughter, who is a 5th grade science and math teacher, and myself all dressed up in costume.  Halloween is fun at the Darlings.

I will be spending my Halloween in the hood passing out healthy pretzel packets, (love the alliteration), while my husband passes out candy.  Once the treats are gone, we will head over to the neighbors for a little cul de sac Halloween get together.  I love the holidays here in Spicewood!  It’s warm and everyone gets in on the fun.


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